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Vaitele Soi

When you think of the Samoan athlete you immediately think of Junior Seau or Troy Polamalu. Hard hitting, focused and strong as all hell, one cannot help but wonder when a great boxer will emerge from the Samoan islands.

Samoa has had its share of boxers but with the exception of David Tua there hasn’t been anyone who has achieved worldwide renown. Hardcore fans will point out that the Polynesian islands have produced Fossie Schmidt, Karama Leota, Maselino Masoe, Samson Pouha, Jimmy Thunder, and recently Bowie Tupou but again, not really a murderer’s row. My personal favorite was Pisa Finai who made a few appearances on ESPN in the early 1980s. He was the epitome of the crude brawler who swung for the fences with every shot.

Considering the Samoan gene pool has produced many football players so one can extrapolate that same pool can produce a great fighter. Problem is that boxing Samoans face disadvantages as the culture does not really have that sport in its history. To excel, a Samoan fighter must leave the native soil and get the advanced training available in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Enter Vaitele Soi, a 5’11” cruiserweight who turned pro in 2008 and has amassed a record of 13-0 with 10 knockouts. He has feasted on the slim pickings in the Oceania boxing scene (one of his opponents had a record of 1-14) but he has dispatched the rest in acceptable fashion. His goal is to sign with Top Rank which has David Tua and the recently signed Leti Leti to its roster.

Initially, Vaitele was discouraged by his family from going into the sport. “When his father was still alive told him to take up another sport,” Vaitele’s mother Sulufaiga said. “He was vehemently against boxing citing it’s not right for Vaitele to be beaten by another person that’s not family. He brought him into the world and is responsible for him.”

His mother, however, saw how serious Vaitele was when he left school to pursue the sport. “For me I saw that Vaitele was totally committed to boxing so I convinced his father that perhaps boxing is his calling and we’re just prolonging the inevitability.”

Soi comes from a supportive family which prays and watches out for him as he ascends the boxing ladder.

“When he goes out we all make sure we talk to him to be careful, don’t drink too much because you never know that there are people out there who are jealous, or some just want to challenge him because of who he is and those kinds of things,” his mother said.
Here is some footage from Youtube on Vaitele Soi. This is from his eighth pro bout against Wayne Orbell. Granted, Orbell is a clubfighter with a 2-3 record but Soi puts him away the way a prospect should. As you will see he is an aggressive stalker who has the kind of paralyzing power that will put the asses in the seats.

Soi may have a problem in that he has been inactive for the past eight months. Here is hoping he signs with Top Rank and is spared years of toiling in the Australian/New Zealand circuit.

Source: Samoa observer

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