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Mike Tyson vs. David Tua

Interesting that there was never really serious talk of this match ever taking place. There is only a six year age difference between the two but it must be said that Tyson was at a higher place in the food chain when Tua came around. Tyson was at his peak around ‘87-89 during his 21st-23rd years. Tua, on the other hand, hit his peak around ‘96-97 at around 24-25 years of age. Theoretically, this would have been a viable matchup from ‘96-’01…In hindsight, however, Tyson was clearly at the tail end of his skills and whatever management team he employed during that time simply steered clear of the dangerous Tua. Add in the fact that Tyson was fighting for Showtime and Tua was showcased on HBO, there was never serious talk. But with a little promotion, this could have easily been a fight the public would have bought hook, line and sinker as it has barn burner written all over it.

So, my dream match here would have taken place around 1996. Tyson had just regained the WBC heavyweight crown from Frank Bruno with a third round stoppage. Meanwhile, Tua is an up and comer with knockout wins over John Ruiz and Darroll Wilson while being hyped heavily by HBO.

My personal belief is that Tua would have knocked out Tyson if they had met during this time. Tua never had the tenacity or aggression Tyson possessed. But I believe his left hook was just as lethal as Tyson’s. Tyson had advantages in speed, killer instinct and experience. Tua will have an advantage in mental toughness and an arguable advantage in physical strength. I believe that the power of will Tua showed in his fight against Ike Ibeabuchi would have been enough to overcome the now mentally unstable Tyson.

Neither man has ever fought anybody of a similar style. Their only common opponent is Lennox Lewis. Lewis stopped Tyson in eight rounds in 2002. Tua dropped a decision to Lewis in 2000.

The fight as simulated by TITLE BOUT…

Tyson meets Tua in center ring and immediately goes on the attack. He lands a big right uppercut which Tua takes well. Tua clinches and tries to quell Tyson’s attack. Tyson manages to another left hook while Tua manages a few pitty pat punches.

They meet center ring again and this time Tua responds first. He absorbs a combo from Tyson than has Tyson backing up with a couple of left hooks. Tua is throwing more punches than Tyson now and wins the round on sheer volume.

There is a lot of clinching. Tyson tries to work free and lands a few to the body. Tua lands a few hard shots to the head which includes a big left hook. Tyson absorbs Tua’s punches well but he is being outworked.

A round with minimal work from both men. Tyson’s enters Teddy Atlas’ “unspoken agreement” as he allows Tua to hold on. Tua manages to land a few uppercuts. Not much else going on as the two tank-like heavyweights clinch and maul.

Tyson explodes with a huge eight punch combination started by a big left hook. He finishes with a huge right cross which fells Tua to the canvas. The referee reaches the count of ten in a stunning turnaround at 0:19 of the fifth round.


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