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Karim Mayfield ko’s Tito Serrano

At first glance, Mayfield may look like an unpolished fighter. He hangs back and relies on reflexes and instinct to get the job done. He has been working with the very underrated Virgil Hunter, however, and his game is improving. Teddy Atlas touches on this during the last part of this video as Mayfield does a subtle dip to his left and catches Serrano coming in with a picture perfect right hand.

I think Mayfield can make some noise in the junior welterweight division. The corner in Serrano showcases why it isn’t recommended for a father to work with their son on a professional level. Serrano’s father chastizes his fellow cornerman for wanting to stop the fight (you can read his lips, “Don’t do it! Don’t you fucking do it!”) The end result was that Serrano didn’t receive the necessary time and care to be rejuvenated. Still out on his feet, he came out for the next round and Mayfield was on him like a harbor shark.

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