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Anthony Joshua believes muscle loss is the answer

Deposed heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua knew he had flaws in his game. He just didn’t think they wouldn’t be exposed against someone the likes of Andy Ruiz.

The body beautiful lost to a fighter who looked as if he trained at the local Chipotle’s as Ruiz dumped him four times to the canvas as if he stole a freshly made Super Burrito.

The rematch which will take place on December 7th in Saudi Arabia, will be a make or break moment for Joshua. Maybe not even a “make” as even with a revenge victory, he will forever have the stigma of being stopped in the seventh round by boxer whom many considered to be several levels beneath him.

Joshua believes it was his muscle mass that simply made him too stiff to contend with the fluid punching of Ruiz. Because of this, the major adjustment he has made was to decrease his muscularity.

“There’s definitely stuff I can work on,” said Joshua during ‘Gloves Are Off’ on Sky Sports. “I’ve been screaming this for two years in my gym, ‘I keep on going this way, I’m going to end up getting beat soon!’.

“But sometimes when the tools in your military box, in your army box, are working and you’re slaying the division, sometimes you don’t need to sharpen your other tools.

“But I’ve been saying it for two years. That’s why I say now, I go back to my instincts. My style has to change. If I want the same result, I do the same thing in preparation. If I want a different result, I have to do different things in training.

“Not change everything. I haven’t got enough time to reinvent the whole plan and there’s certain leaks that I’ve been saying that I need to tighten up on, but it’s all good.”

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