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Category Archives: Boxing Opinion

Anthony Joshua believes muscle loss is the answer

A star is born

This Saturday was a coming out party for Nonito Donaire (is it pronounced doe-nair or do-nai-ray?). Either/or, you can call him a star on the rise. Donaire simply annihilated a formidable champion in Fernando Montiel . Montiel, who never seems to win the big one, was never in this fight. He looked a full weight [...]

I’ll poke your bloody eye out, mate!

This is one for the WTF? Category if I had one. Turns out the father of heavyweight prospect Tyson Fury, Mr. “Gypsy” John Fury is going to jail. His crime? It seems that Mr. Fury fought himself in a fight with one Oathie Sykes at a car auction. He shoved his finger in Sykes’ right [...]

Canadian Invasion?

When most modern boxing historians think of Canadian boxers they usually name George Chuvalo first and if they’re really historically astute they’ll cite Sam Langford as the greatest. Being that I came of age as a boxing fan in the 1980s, I usually think of the Fighting Hilton brothers. I think of Matthew Hilton in [...]

Austin Trout, WBA Junior Middle champ?

I must admit I got a bit confused when I saw Austin Trout and Rigoberto Alvarez scheduled to fight for the vacant WBA Junior Middleweight championship. Wasn’t Miguel Cotto the WBA champion? Turns out Cotto has been promoted to WBA “Super” champion. Oh.

Adios Sergio!

Sergio Mora is described as being “eloquent” and “articulate” in all of his pre fight build ups. But he always came across as someone trying too hard to break the stereotype of the dumb boxer.  Truth was,  he always looked like a guy who’d rather be doing something else. Maybe acting. Maybe modeling….Just get on [...]

Simply awful

The Timothy Bradley versus Devon Alexander “fight”  epitomized what is wrong with the sport of boxing today. Light hitting amateurs masquerading as champions. The less said about this debacle the better.