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Category Archives: Dream Matches

Alexis Arguello vs. Edwin Rosario

I love “fire versus ice” matchups in boxing and an Arguello versus Rosario fight would have epitomized that description. Using the simulation TITLE BOUT, I’m placing Arguello in his lightweight prime which occurred around 1980-81. I believe Rosario hit his lightweight (and career peak) in 1986 when he nearly decapitated reigning title holders Hector “Macho” [...]

Mike Tyson vs. David Tua

Interesting that there was never really serious talk of this match ever taking place. There is only a six year age difference between the two but it must be said that Tyson was at a higher place in the food chain when Tua came around. Tyson was at his peak around ‘87-89 during his 21st-23rd [...]